DBBC Membership Information

Detroit Beach Boat Club is a private, social organization that welcomes your interest in joining.  At our heart, we are a boating focused organization, but boat ownership is NOT required to become a member.  Many of our members either do not have a boat or have docking arrangement elsewhere and just want a place to relax, have some food and drinks, and enjoy good company.  We are open all year long, so just because the boats are not in the water, we are still here for the members' enjoyment.  We offer year round food/beverage service and programming to help keep you and your family occupied all year long.  

The process to become a member is easy!  Simply fill out the form below or come into our facility and fill out an application.  Our membership coordinator will then contact you to schedule a quick meeting with our officers to learn more about you and your interests.   Meetings are held on the first Wednesday or every month at 7:00 pm and are required for membership. 


Following the officers meeting, you may be selected to meet our membership and give them an opportunity to get to know you.  Membership meetings are held on the second Sunday of the month at 2:00 pm (November to April) and the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm (May to October). In 2020, the April meeting will be held on April 8th at 7:00 pm.


We promise that the meetings are painless and easy, but a necessary step to become a member.


DBBC offers two types of membership to serve your needs:

Full Membership

Full Membership in DBBC gives you all the benefits of membership, including voting rights, ability to hold an office, bar privileges, hall usage, ability to have dock privileges, reciprocal privileges to all Associated Yacht Clubs (AYC) and Interlake Yachting Association Yacht Clubs (I-LYA), and full use of our facilities.

Financial Requirements:

-$120 Initiation Fee​* due upon membership acceptance (One time fee)

-$310 per Year (This is broken up into Summer and Winter installments)

-$250.00 annual spend with the club

  • Food and beverage services

  • Clothing

  • Event Participation

  • Marine fuel and hall usage fees do not count toward this obligation

*Initiation fee waived for Detroit Beach Residents

At our core, we are a volunteer organization.  The only paid employees that we have are the bar staff.  All other functions, such as club management, repairs, improvements, etc. are performed by volunteers and elected positions.   By doing this, we keep our costs affordable and it enables a sense of ownership in our organization.   To help ensure that all work is shared in a fair manner, in addition to financial obligations, there are minimal additional work requirements that can be fulfilled in any number of ways:

  • Working or chairing a social event

  • Performing club repairs or improvements

  • Working on our grass crew

  • Helping with spring and fall cleaning

  • Furnishing your expertise in your area of specialization that is to the benefit of the club (i.e. Computer Work, Writing, Accounting, Woodworking, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.)  

  • Any number of different ways!

Full members are required to work a minimum of 20 hours (More are always welcome!) in a given year.  For full membership, 2 of those 20 hours must be performed at one of our 2 designated public parties of the year.   If you elect to rent a dock from us, 9 of the 20 hours must be performed on dock maintenance and improvements.  

Social Membership

Our Social membership is designed for the more casual user of the club.   It allows your and your guests access to our restaurant and bar and the ability to attend our numerous social events, as well as gives you the ability to use our hall facilities (additional charges apply) 


Financial Requirements:

-No Initiation Fee

-$75.00 per Year 

-$250.00 annual spend with the club

  • Food and beverage services

  • Clothing

  • Event Participation

  • Marine fuel and hall usage fees do not count toward this obligation

As in our full membership, there are work hour requirements for the social membership to help keep our club more affordable, but they are reduced from the full membership.   A social member must work 5 work hours per year;  4 of those work hours must be performed between our 2 public parties (one is held in June/July and one is held in September).

*The above numbers are just minimums​

Dockage Information

DBBC is pleased to offer 94 docks of various sizes that are available for rental by our Full members.  Dock privileges are at an additional cost, but are comparable to other boating club organizations in the area, and provide a tremendous value over area marinas.  In addition to docking facilities, we are please to offer free pump out service for your boat's holding tank, ice, available on site for purchase, and reasonably priced marine fuel (91 Octane, no ethanol recreational fuel) for your boating needs.

Financial Requirements:

-$500 initiation fee paid at assignment of dock (One time fee)

   Dock Pricing*

  • under 24' boats   - $400​

  • 24'-29' 11" boats - $500

  • 30'-40' boats     - $600

  • Jet ski docks may be available in addition to your boat dock for an additional $50 per season (based on space availability)

*Dock Pricing is based on titled length of vessel, not length overall.  Our regulations do not allow any vessel that is titled over 40' to be permanently docked at our facility. 

In addition to the financial obligations, 9 of the club mandated work hours must be performed on maintaining or repairing items designated as the dock's responsibility.   Dock work "parties" are organized at the beginning and the end of the season to open and close the docks.  Most of our members earn their dock hours during these organized times.  

Auxilary Membership

Membership at DBBC is by the individual, not by family, so DBBC has a partner organization for spouses or significant others of full or social members.   The DBBC Auxiliary is a supporting organization of the General Membership and holds various parties and fundraisers throughout the year to support the organization.   Auxiliary membership also allows your spouse or significant other access to the restaurant and bar without your presence


Financial Obligations:

  • No Initiation Fee

  • $25.00 annual dues​​

To maintain an Auxiliary membership, the spouse or significant other must maintain a full or social DBBC membership.  Auxiliary memberships cannot exist on their own.  


There is a requirement of five work hours per year that must be completed.  Four of those hours must take place at one of the two public parties (One in June/July and one in September).  The other one can be earned at other parties or fundraisers as needed. 

For more information or to start your membership process, please complete the form below and we will contact you:


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